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Concert Review: Steely Dan and Michael McDonald at Jones Beach, 17 August 2006

A warm night at the beach, and some great music. Read More »

TV Review: Lost, Episode #34, “The 23rd Psalm”

Part of me wants to think this is brilliant writing, but another part wants to slap the writers for adding so much improbability. Read More »

Movie Awards Update 2005

All those year-end accolades in one handy place. Read More »

Book Review: The Internet – A Historical Encyclopedia

The Internet: A Historical Encyclopedia, is an ambitious three-volume set published by ABC-CLIO. This encyclopedia is a “major expansion of the RUSA-award winning predecessor”, History of the Internet: a Chronology, 1843 to the Present, by Christos J.P. Moschovitis, Hilary Poole, Tami Schuyler, and Theresa M. Senft. The 312 page title was one of the ALA’s Reference and User Services Association’s ... Read More »

Been Lost and Confused For So Long It’s Not True…

Suspension of disbelief? Read More »

Indiana Inventor Granted US Patent for Anti-Gravity-Powered Spaceship – Junk Science?

.: The USPTO has granted Boris Volfson, an inventor in Huntington IN, US Patent 6,960,975: Space vehicle propelled by the pressure of inflationary vacuum state. According to National Geographic News, the patent is a design for an antigravity space vehicle: Volfson’s craft is theoretically powered by a superconductor shield that changes the space-time continuum in such a way that it ... Read More »

Book Review: Information Sources in Engineering – 4th Ed, Edited by Roderick A MacLeod and Jim Corlett

:: The fourth edition of Information Sources in Engineering1, published in 2005 by Saur, and edited by Roddy MacLeod and Jim Corlett, has finally arrived on my desk. It is a massive work at 683 pages, and is part of the series, Guides to Information Sources. The third edition of this title, edited by KW Mildren and PJ Hicks, appeared ... Read More »

Review: Johnny Clegg & Savuka – Edmonton Folk Music Festival, 7 August 2005

.: Last weekend, I participated in my 14th consequtive Edmonton Folk Music Festival as a volunteer. I was blessed with the opportunity to work with one of my musical heroes, Johnny Clegg. Clegg and Sipho Mchunu formed the seminal South African band Juluka in the late 1970s. Their song, “Scatterlings of Africa”, is an all-time favorite. Clegg and his band ... Read More »

Review: Six Feet Under – No Joy In Mudville

:: Six Feet Under is one of the many brilliant series on HBO, but I have found the fifth season to be the most depressing of the series’ run to date. In Episode 59, one of the supporting characters tells Brenda to shut the f*ck up, because she’s sick of listening to Brenda whine and complain about her failing relationship ... Read More »

The Huffington Blog

I love John Cusack (I want to BE John Cusack!), but I'm not sure what qualifies him and the others from film, tv, and music, to be blog columnists. Read More »