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Investigate the vote!

Regardless of whether there was fraud committed during this last election we need to ensure that our election process is safe, fair and honest as we go forward. Should we have a paper trail coming from each and every voting machine? The correct answer should be “yes”. And I don’t mean a print out when all the voting is over. ... Read More »


Just after election day 2004, George W. Bush woke the next morning to a bright sunny day. It was a stupendous day and he — even at 58 — had a morning wood! It was a fabulous feeling. He was on top of the world as he rose from his delicate slumber — his $1500 sheets slid off his back ... Read More »


ON THE ISSUES: Stem-Cells Since the passage of proposition 71 — which mandates $3 billion for stem-cell research in California — the outlook for progress and research continuing in this field looks highly positive. About stem cells (why we care) Kristen Philipkoski says: Scientists want to study embryonic stem cells because they are the precursor to every type of cell ... Read More »

Making Progress: 11/8/04

For progressive minded people the election was a dark day but the election results were not all bleak. There were a few positive results from the election which I’ll provide below. Let’s try to stay focused as we go forward on how we are going to make a difference, who is doing good and really look for progress instead of ... Read More »

GLOBAL WARMING: ACIA says Arctic hit hard

The Artic council meeting this month will review a comprehensive scientific study has confirmed what people have been saying for years: the North is melting, and faster all the time. Released Monday, the four-year study produced by 250 scientists from eight circumpolar countries concludes that global warming is affecting the Arctic more heavily than any other region on earth. Temperatures ... Read More »

Is it possible that the vote was hacked?

Is it possible that the vote was hacked? You know… I’m not being a sore loser here so don’t even suggest it. I would be asking this question regardless of who won the election. I want my vote to be counted! I found out the other day that 80% of the electronic voting machines used in the election do not ... Read More »