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State of Fear vs. the truth

Michael Crichton, a science fiction novelist, has written the very misleading State of Fear, a book published by this non-scientist to counter what he sees as the scare tactics of environmentalists and scientists concerned about global warming. The climatologists at Realclimate.com have been taking on these false and misleading claims, and with them Crichton’s sycophant George Will who is an ... Read More »

A lean but VERY mean budget

About the $388 billion bill — a monument to the GOP’s raw power controlling the White House and Congress. Lawmakers supported funding cuts for: The State Department Federal air traffic controllers National Science Foundation Certain low-income education programs No funding increases for special education or Title I aid to local public school districts Shortchanging programs crucial to low-income Americans Two ... Read More »

Corporate Bitches or Public Interest?

Should cities be allowed to chart a course for their future without fear of legal action? Should big business be allowed to control what city officials do to enhance their future growth prospects? Can it be legal for large corporate entities to deploy massive lobby efforts to derail cities from making progress? Should politicians side for the public interest or ... Read More »

The 3 Billion Dollar Debate

Starting soon, the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine, which will dole out roughly $300 million a year for 10 years in grants and loans to public and private entities pursuing stem cell studies. There are now fears that the money that tax payers are forking over may possibly be used for private profit instead of resulting in the guarantee that ... Read More »

Digital violence and free speech

Slaughtering the enemy, killing presidents, having sex with hookers, running over innocent pedestrians, managing all manner of brutal weapons, snapping necks and spilling blood. Are these actions protected under the bill of rights of all Americans? Do companies have the right to promote these actions under the guise of free speech? Apparently in the digital world at least we have ... Read More »

ACLU – Refuse to surrender

After the election, many of us began questioning whether our country could withstand the abuse of four more years of the Bush administration and their (lack of) vision for America.  At a time when only 43% of Americans believed this country was heading in the right direction, Bush still managed to accumulate 51% of the vote.  I will admit, Bush’s ... Read More »

Who controls the money

Criticism is coming down hard on the republican blockade set up to derail the 9/11 commissions recommendations to overhaul the intelligence community and it’s decades old innerworkings. It’s a sad day today because politics and power is getting in the way of our safety. ”These guys are going to have blood on their hands,” said Beverly Eckert, of Stamford, Conn., ... Read More »

Bush Against Science (Part 2)

One of the issues that is somewhat irritating to me and concerning to many scientistists is the fact that Bush’s science adviser does not report directly to him. John Marburger reports to Bush’s chief of staff Andrew Card who then picks and chooses what he will report to the president. This in a nutshell pretty much sums up the Bush ... Read More »

Bush Against Science (Part 1)

Let me first say that I am a practicing Catholic. I go to church every Sunday (ok, most Sundays) and I am a very “moral” person. Honestly I haven’t read the bible (yet) but I have attended years of “Sunday school” and participated in countless religious education classes. I’ve basically been born and raised with religion standing close behind me ... Read More »

If Bush won’t, the states will

It appears that if the Bush administration will not address the ever growing problem of global warming then it is up to individuals to make a stand. That stand is starting with New York state governor George Pataki who will announce a nine north-eastern and mid-Atlantic state plan to address global warming. The development will prove a major embarrassment to ... Read More »