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Sopranos Review of Episode 4, Season 4

The title of this episode was “The Weight.” May as well have been “The Tease.” Writer Terence Winter tickles us with not one, but two potential hits, and a scurrilous affair between Carmela and Furio. In the end, we get nothing. Johnny “Sack” Sacramoni cancels his hit on Ralphie Cifareto at the very last moment. Johnny Sack himself comes around ... Read More »

Sopranos, Episode 3 Review

The world’s a jungle. You want my advice, Anthony? Don’t expect happiness. You won’t get it. People let you down…in the end, you die in your own arms. — Livia Soprano, giving advice to Anthony, Jr. There’s a theme of rugged individualism (dare I say, “libertarianism?”) that runs through The Sopranos. At the very least, there’s a sense that we’re ... Read More »

The Sopranos: Season 4, Episode 2.

The New York Times said this was as good an episode as the Sopranos has yet to produce. I’m not sure I’d go that far. But it was one of the most entertaining, probably because it was primarily plot driven. Plot driven episodes are fun, but they don’t lend themselves as well to analysis. Nevertheless, let’s give it a go: ... Read More »