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Nugent takes reality TV to a whole twisted new level

I watched VH1.com ‘s Surviving Nugent last night. Holy Crap! This is Survivor on crack and on a carnivore kick. Yeah, it’s entertaining to watch contestands bitch and whine about hunger, homesickness, immunity challenges, and each other – but nothing really compares to the mind games Nugent and his family inflicts on the 9 20/30-someting-year-olds who swagger on to Nugent ... Read More »

Adios Nonino…and more

Adios Nonino: Astor Piazzolla y su Quinteto Astor Piazzolla is an innovative artist who takes tango music into this lovely and seductive mood. I found this CD to uphold the fine tradition Piazzolla has established with tango music, blending it with fine precision and emotion. This album also shows some fine maturity on the piano work here – truly creating ... Read More »