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There is a great deal about Monster that deserves to be praised: from the actors to the direction to the writing to the cinematography and more. The movie does draw you in because all of those dynamics work together to put you close to Arlene Wuonos and tell you her story. Unfortunately, that's not all there is to it. Read More »

The Long Blue Moan

L. M. Ross doesn't create characters; he creates people that you feel from the inside out. These people are not merely words on a page; they are living, breathing human beings, and their stories are about love, loss, deep loneliness, anger and hard edged rage. Read More »

So What’s Wolcott’s Point?

Reading James Wolcott is like watching someone who just swallowed a can of drain cleaner and is in the process of vomiting up a lung, the errant kidney, and the entire contents of his lower intestine. Well, maybe that's a little strong. Actually, Wolcott isn't as funny. Read More »