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Fanged Christians v. Tender Christians

Fanged Christians are zealots who have co-opted the name of Jesus but do few of the radical acts he required. Read More »

President George Bush Gives His Foot to the War Effort

As of Dec 31, 2005, George Bush has gallantly contributed four & .356 toes to the noble Cause & Course. Read More »

Evil Ain’t Always Bad

"Thus 'evil' ain’t always bad. Most true evil comes from confusing the layers of consequence between dimensions of experience." Read More »

Sen. Lieberman’s Accidental Treason

The idea that speaking out in a democracy is 'undermining the credibility of the president' is sad and sinister. Read More »

Plunder Wonder

Jolly Solstice (or whatever winter holiday floats your boat) to you each. Be a barnacle to your day. Read More »

Black Candle, Meat Puppet, Insane Dancers

.. as you are impaled by more sursurreal news of The Ventriloquist of Vice and his Meat Puppet, George Bush. Read More »

Insurgents Will Fight Us for 300 Years

Ho Chi Minh, the winning Vietnam general, said, "We live here. We would have fought you for 300 years." Read More »

Dirty Politics, Dirty Religion, Dirty Science

Dalai Lama’s meme is Dirty Politics, Dirty Religion, Dirty Science. The ignorant excesses distort the possibly noble pursuits. Read More »

Psychic Forensics: Autopsy of Karl Rove’s Brain

Karl Rove shares DNA with a long bleak line of cold creatures that invented the means of torture. Read More »

IBM vs Education

No corporation could possibly afford an American high-school teacher. Read More »