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Mobile Tech Talk: Should You Defrag Flash Memory?

While defragging might help a hard drive based device, the same does not hold true for flash memory. Read More »

Mobile Tech Talk: “Push” Comes To Shove – Move Over BlackBerry

Call it more bad luck for BlackBerry maker Research in Motion (RIM) or good timing for Microsoft. Whichever the case may be, Microsoft is stepping into the realm of instant email alerts and Microsoft rarely steps lightly. As if a new competitive challenge from Microsoft wasnt enough to worry about, RIM has been battling an ongoing lawsuit from NTP, a ... Read More »

Mobile Tech Talk: Sirius S50 Home Dock

My home dock finally arrived earlier this week. I have to say I have mixed feelings. Read More »

Mobile Tech Talk: Nintendo DS Lite – Smaller And More Colorful

The Nintendo DS Lite is still scheduled to be released in Japan on March 2. Read More »