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snow cone syrup

The flavorful snow cones that you get at county fairs use snow cone syrup. The syrup is used on snow cones to get the color and the flavor in the ice. Most snow cone syrups are fruit flavored but some taste like sodas. Snow cone syrups come in one to two gallon jugs and then are sometimes mixed with water ... Read More »


The potato is an exceedingly well-liked staple in households world-wide. The Potato is the fourth leading food crop in the world. China is the world’s primary producer of this starchy marvel. This root vegetable is popular due to ease of storage, versatility, and the vitamins and nutrients the potato provides for people. A few of these nutrients are vitamin C, ... Read More »

cropped jacket

The cropped style jackets are the new trend for the upcoming spring/summer 2011 fashion season. These chic little jackets will accentuate any outfit and can be worn with anything that a long jacket can be worn with; they are merely a regular jacket in a shortened version. Add elegance and style to any outfit such as a skirt or dress. ... Read More »

calendula cream

Calendula cream is a centuries-old herbal remedy for skin injuries and irritation. It is synthesized from an infusion of vegetable oil and petals from the calendula flower – otherwise known as marigolds. It is typically used as a topical salve, but can also be found in mouthwash. Calendula cream contains antioxidant properties (flavanoids), and has also been known to treat ... Read More »

boyfriend blazer

Boyfriend blazers are one of the most popular new trends in fashion for women this fall. You can find interesting designs in boyfriend blazers to match many outfits, and you’ll love their versatility. Available in fabrics ranging from tweed to leather to satin, there are styles to choose from for every occasion. Many of the top designers are working on ... Read More »

windshield wipers

Windshield wipers are an essential component of any car. When it rains or snows, the windshield wipers will quickly clear the windshield glass so that the driver can clearly see the road. A vehicle without properly functioning windshield wipers can be extremely dangerous – both for the driver and for other vehicles that are on the road. Even motorcycles that ... Read More »

buy ipad

If you have a teenager, it is probable they have already asked you to buy an iPad. You may be considering purchasing one for your teen, but are unsure if the money is worth the product. It's important to research the product before you buy it and consider the different possibilities. The purchase of an iPad can also have other ... Read More »

ipad price

iPads come in a variety of skews. The main difference in the model is whether or not the 3G plan will be available. Without any 3G plan, iPad price changes depending on how large a memory capacity is available. Despite the lack of 3G, every iPad still has wifi capability. The prices of iPads without the 3G plan start at ... Read More »

ipad kindle app

The iPad is a great option for reading e-books on the go. It is roughly the size of a large paper book or regular sized hard cover book, and features a clear and brightly lit screen, which is perfect for reading text or viewing illustrations. It's also very portable. Amazon's Kindle was an electronic book device designed to let customers ... Read More »

apple tablet

The new Apple tablet personal computer, the iPad, is making waves in the computer industry. It combines the best features of a lightweight and portable netbook with the touchscreen and sleek look of the ever popular iPhone. The iPad is not simply a larger iPhone however. It is designed to be a mobile tool for working on the go, watching ... Read More »