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The Last American Consumer

I dream about being a survivalist without all the guns, politics, and Idaho. Read More »

Interview with Jancee Dunn

How a small town girl went from the shag carpet to the red carpet with Rolling Stone magazine. Read More »

My Summer of Love

My parents spent much money to send me on a teen tour. It was different than advertised. Read More »

The Fall of Judith Regan

Regan spoke for no abused woman except possibly herself. Read More »

What Hurricane Katrina Taught Me about 9/11

I learned from Katrina that 9/11 was America's tragedy and not just New York's Read More »

A year of blogging: from The First Amendment to Intelligent Design

Written by Pia Savage Blogging has been great for me.  It’s allowed me to meet people from parts of the country I didn’t know well enough before, and realize that people throughout this incredible country are caring, compassionate, and intelligent with beliefs that are very similar but they don’t exactly mirror them. That’s the problem.  We, who are called liberal, ... Read More »