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Native of the Bronx. Member of the American Academy of Religion, the T.E. Lawrence Society, AFIO, and a charter member of the Norman Mailer Society. Author of Unholy Alliance; the Sinister Forces trilogy; Tantric Temples; Ratline; Stairway to Heaven; The Secret Temple; The Angel and the Sorcerer; The Mao of Business; and the upcoming Dark Lord.

Book Review: Striper Wars

What does the fate of a famous fish have in common with "the whole Bay of Pigs thing"? Researching environmental issues and saving the striped bass, investigative journalist Dick Russell comes up with some disturbing information. Ceviche, anyone? Read More »

Colonia Dignidad–Germans and Pinochet

When the news trickled in from Argentina and then Chile that a fugitive from justice, Paul Schaeffer (no, not the Letterman guy) was finally apprehended and extradited from the land of Peron to the land of Pinochet, I was quite frankly relieved. And then the revelations about a horde of documents and weapons, and my relief turned to anxiety. I ... Read More »