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The Fall of Imus and the Culture of the Unforgiving

Don Imus' firing reveals a greater sickness in our society. Read More »

Vivé Idiotez!

Latino high-school students protest House Bill 4437, traffic comes to a stand-still, guess who's caught in the middle? Read More »

New Year’s Resolutions I Know I Can Keep

Some resolutions I really, really think I can keep this year. Frankly, I'm quite excited. It'll be a good year. Read More »

Bastard Pop – Top Five in ’05

An overview of the best mash-up releases of the year. Read More »

Can’t We All Just Get Along?

What happens when detractors start blogs in reaction to mine? A crisis of words. Then things get interesting! Read More »

In Case of My Disappearance

Taylor Behl's disappearance solved, in part, due to her online activities. Here are some online "clues" should I ever vanish. Read More »

Jackson Not Guilty, but News Media Sure Is

The verdict is in: Michael Jackson - Not Guilty, News Media - Guilty Read More »

If Cats Could Blog…

...the online diary of a maladjusted cat Read More »

Sin City is Sinfully Delicious

Adapted from Frank Miller’s graphic novel series, Sin City is a visually groundbreaking tour de force that is perhaps the best comic to film translation done to date. The rain falls hard in the burg of Basin City but cannot wash away the temptation, vengeance, and fear in its citizens. The line between hero and villain is as thin as ... Read More »

media petros is go!

One of blogcritics' own offers a peek into his private world of art & madness... Read More »