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What’s In Store For Us

The undermining through moral equivalence of our society allows men to believe that suicide bombing a McDonald’s is the same as firing rockets at a terrorist haven; that a wall to keep bombers out is equivalent to minefields keeping enslaved people from liberty; that because we love freedom and have embraced a system that allows us many great blessings that we have earned through our own hard work, that we are somehow to blame for the murders that terrorists commit against us. Is this belief against all empirical evidence that nothing is inherently good or bad – the denial of both God and Satan – the ultimate proof for Satan’s corruption of the weakest among us? Read More »

Commentary on Kristol, on Kerry

The Commons at Paulie World: Kristol on Kerry Here’s a bit from William Kristol’s lead commentary at the Weekly Standard (subscription required). And in this journey, I am accompanied by an extraordinary band of brothers…. Our band of brothers doesn’t march because of who we are as veterans, but because of what we learned as soldiers. John Kerry Acceptance Speech ... Read More »

INS – Insanity

Purging illegal aliens from voter rolls not easy / The Washington Times INSIDER This doesn’t make sense to me. Maryland is trying to purge their voting rolls of illegal aliens. That’s a good thing to me. Illegals shouldn’t be voting, shouldn’t be leeches absorbing social services (I am in favor of social services, folks, just not greatly expanded waste pots). ... Read More »

Questions for Vets for Kerry

Folks, let me start out and say that I am a partisan Bush supporter. Not a rabid Bush supporter, and not a dumb one, either. I have a few questions to ask my fellow vets who are supporting Kerry: Did you know a) That the Texas ANG had one of the highest deployment to Vietnam rate in the entire ANG? ... Read More »