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eTailers Jump on Blog Bandwagon

A recent NY Times article reports that online retailers are beginning to drink the Kool-aid and jump on the blogging bandwagon. They cite specifically Ice.com, eHobbies.com, and Bluefly.com. Two of the retailers expressed some concern over the effect their blogs will have on the bottom-line. Since the blogs include links to other sites, their marketing gurus feel it will lead ... Read More »

How Do We Make Blogs More User-Friendly?

Have you read the Catalyst Group study about blog usability called Net Rage? (PDF) If not, you should. Those of us who spend inordinate amounts of time using, evangelizing, and otherwise doting over these things seem to forget (at least I do) that most people still don’t have a clue as to what a blog is or how they should ... Read More »

Podcasting, Hot or Not?

I’ve dabbled a bit with podcasting early on when it wasn’t so easy to do, then dabbled some more since it’s become easier thanks to tools like Skype and Hot Recorder. Yet, I’ve not jumped on the podcasting bandwagon wholeheartedly and asked myself why. No doubt podcasting is the hottest thing to hit the internet since, well, blogs! (And I ... Read More »

The ‘One’ Campaign to End World Hunger

I tend to be very apolitical where my blogging is concerned. I have my opinions and world view just like everyone else, but figure it’s best to keep that to myself normally. However, I have decided to endorse the One campaign to end poverty and world hunger. Normally, I’m skeptical of anything that promotes the notion that “if we all ... Read More »