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Gorillaz – Demon Days

Demon Days, "side project" or not, takes risks and is able to present a work of incomparable brilliance. In this reviewer's eyes, the pressure is definitely off the Gorillaz to produce an album capable of changing ones fortunes. Read More »

Oasis – Don’t Believe the Truth

So what's the "Truth" anyway? Is it that Oasis is washed up and beyond their prime as some may have believed? Maybe the real truth is that Don't Believe might be the album that's remembered in 2005 over the much delayed X&Y from Coldplay. Oasis has made a strong argument with their latest work and has defined themselves once again as a leader of the Brit Rock movement. Check it out for yourself. Read More »

Review: Monster-in-law

It's "J-Lo vs J-Fo" in a heavy weight bout where only the stronger can survive. The extremes that the two take against each other are slap-stick entertainment, and you're laughing your arse off. Read More »

Spoon – Gimme Fiction

Spoon returns to rock a more mature and confident sound while still injecting their flair for catchy tunes on their fifth full-length album, Gimme Fiction. These Texans have crafted an exhilarating collection of upbeat and toe tapping melodies that are a progression of their artistic merit and musical ambition. Read More »

Bloc Party – Silent Alarm

Bloc Party arrives on the scene to reinvent the modern-punk movement challenging the inner rebel in all of us. You will definitely hear 80's punk influences, especially in Okerek's voice, but this is no throwback. Their genuine talent and youthful energy is sure to carry them far. Read More »

Jack Johnson – In Between Dreams

This is the CD you want playing at a late Sunday afternoon cookout when you're kicking back and sipping drinks. All you need is Jake and his guitar, and I swear you can almost feel a light breeze blow through. Gather 'round kids, because you're in for a treat. Read More »

Beck – Guero

Re-teaming with The Dust Brothers, Beck didn't set out to make Odelay part deux, but to reintroduce us to Beck Hanson...the "Loser" that made good and who gave us a "Devil's Haricut." "It's a Latin-tinged tribute to his humble beginnings in East L.A." (Pitchfork) Read More »