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Political Tidbits 3/22/06

Tom Daschle for Prez? Daylight Savings Time Saved in 2007. The Military and the colleges. Read More »

True Crime Update 3/21/06

Internet child porn sting turns stomachs. Family of six still missing. Paternity unwanted, and St. Guillen update. Read More »

Notable Quotables 3/20/06

Oscar quotes, on pets, education and marriage. With wise marital advice from none other than Winston Churchill! Read More »

Restaurant Review: Ruby Tuesday

Soggy cheese sticks, a messy salad bar, great burgers, and yummy appetizers to be eaten in a Rolling Stones' song. Read More »

TV Review: American Inventor – The Premiere

The inventions America needs and we can vote! Plus, as public service, a list of inventions needed. Read More »

Pop Culture Update 3/17/06

Oscar gossip now coming to light. Thomas Kinkade way nastier than his paintings? Hatcher, The Donald and Martha Stewart. Read More »

TV Review: American Idol 2006 – The Top 12 Perform

Highlighted: Paris, Chris and Bucky. Another becomes more famed for her boobs than her voice. Thoughts on the top 12. Read More »

Political Tidbits 3/15/06

New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin takes the lead. On a horse. Also, CBS and AP-besides lying, what's the connection? Read More »

True Crime Update 3/14/06

Stupid criminals, strange looking sex offenders, the weird text message case and Darryl Littlejohn's involvement with St. Guillen. Read More »

TV Review: Wife Swap

Not as dirty as it sounds. Two women switch places for ten days. Each family grows. Not great drama. Interesting in a weird way. Read More »