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Pop Culture Update 3/31/06

Dixie Chicks return. Skin of dead Chinese prisoners in your make-up? That WaPo conservative blogger. Read More »

An Interview With Joseph Shahda, Citizen Translator and American Hero

Joseph Shahda has translated Iraqi documents put on the web by the U.S. government. An interview with this dedicated man. Read More »

TV Review: American Idol – Ten Goes to Nine

Only one stellar performance of the evening, a white guy tries to be black, and what's with the homeless look? Read More »

Political Tidbits 3/29/06

Selling waterfront property in the desert to the NY Times. Congress critters seek to quash bloggers. Read More »

TV News Personalities – A Critique from a News Junkie

One has big hair, another is as boring as unsalted cauliflower. Here's a review of the news personalities, broadcast and cable. Read More »

True Crime Update 3/28/06

Debra LaFave's "disease" and why we don't get it. Littlejohn update, and that missing motorhome's family secret. Read More »

Notable Quotables – 3/27/06

Rainbow Bridge and our beloved pets. Also, wisdom from FDR and ... Jimi Hendrix? Read More »

Pop Culture Update 3/24/06

The South Park uproar. First annual "blook" awards announced. Blind item fun and the deer with the pumpkin head. Read More »

Those Wacky TV Chefs

From Alton Brown to Martha to a chef too gorgeous to be cooking, here's a review of those teachers of culinary genius. Read More »

TV Review: American Idol 2006 – Eleven Start, Ten Survive

Ace is aces, Paris enchants, Chris shines. Barry Manilow's shocking revelation on the final top 11 of 2006's AI competition. Read More »