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I am a Space Kid: Reflections on the Last Space Shuttle Mission

Thoughts of a space kid watching the final shuttle launch today. Read More »

Movie Review: Mr. Popper’s Penguins

Decent Movie. Good Message. Jim Carrey. Read More »

American Idol: Americans Chose Wisely

Why I am glad America chose Scotty and Lauren. Read More »

Eve and All Godly Mothers

How the name given to the first mom helps us understand all Godly mothers. Read More »

Proper Burial for Osama: Cremation

Only proper Muslims should receive proper Islamic burial, right? Read More »

The Meek King: Palm Sunday

Gaddafi, Prince William, Jesus: Different kinds of rulers. Read More »

What is Winning? Does Charlie Sheen Know? Do You?

Charlie Sheen and modern culture: similar desires with similar ends. Read More »

Man of Reform

Do you believe in reform, or in progress? Read More »