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KFC Raises Eyebrows, Cholesterol With New Offering

Fast food originality has its limits, as do the bounds of good taste. Read More »

The Republican Cliché

President Bush and the Republicans are pulling out all the stops, going the extra mile and giving 110% to "energize" their base for November. Read More »

Veteran Sues Michael Moore for False Portrayal

Soldier seeks $85 million for being misrepresented in Fahrenheit 9/11. Read More »

Paris Hilton to Release Reggae/Hip Hop Album

We must repent, for the day of judgment is upon us. Read More »

National Review Releases List of 50 More Conservative Rock Songs

John Miller couldn't leave well enough alone. Suicidal Tendencies, Slayer and Dead Kennedys grace list number two. Read More »

Right Wing Mag Names Top 50 Conservative Songs

Forget spandex and studded leather cuffs, this is Brooks Brothers rock! Read More »

Galloway: Killing Blair ‘Morally’ Justifiable

Controversial British MP says suicide bombing would be "entirely logical and explicable." The author disagrees. Read More »

Power Line Hawks Dubious Iraq Dinar Investment

Popular right wing blog targets readers with misleading investment "opportunity" in the currency market. Read More »

Putin Welcomes Uzbek President On Massacre Anniversary

Uzbek troops massacred 800 civilians in Andijan one year ago; that won't stop Vladimir Putin from embracing the Uzbek dictator. Read More »

Book Review: The World’s Best Sex Writing 2005

No, it's not what you're thinking. There's very little for the prurient interest here, but plenty to provoke thought. Read More »