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Music Review: Boxcar Satan and the Graves Brothers Deluxe – Black Water Rising

Bands join forces to benefit Hurricane Katrina victims. Read More »

Atheism Is Not a Religion

A tired, old trope that undermines true faith and blocks the path to common ground. Read More »

Kanye West Flips Out at EMAs

Kanye West needed a +1 on the guest list for his ego at MTV's European video awards ceremony. Read More »

Aid and Comfort

Republicans may think only the Democrats could possibly provide aid and comfort to the enemy. That's where they're wrong. Read More »

The Worst Band Names Ever, Part II

More sins against decency and common sense from the world of rock & roll. Read More »

DVD Review: Bad Brains – Live at CBGB 1982

Legendary band. Legendary venue. Legendary performance. Read More »

Oh, the Humanity!

How the latest Israel-Lebanon crisis tests the compassion of the political mind. Read More »

In Defense of Heterodoxy

On throwing off the shackles of groupthink and knowing a shame you can call your own. Read More »

Bush Says Chances of Shooting Down N. Korea Missile “Reasonable”

How good are our chances of intercepting one of Kim's rockets? Don't head for Vegas just yet. Read More »

Coulter Victimizes the Victims

She may be the embodiment of pure evil, but does she have a point? Read More »