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Tequila Sunrise

In 1994, Mexico suddenly announced that its currency would not longer be fixed against the US dollar, thus triggering what would later be know as the “tequila crisis”. Today, Mexico is once again facing a major crisis, yet again caused by the country’s alignment with a different type of American currency, known as the war on drugs. After decades of ... Read More »

Medicine Man

Drugs, unless produced by pharmaceuticals companies supporting political parties, kill (then again, even the ones allowed by our good politicians do so, as exemplified by Vioxx, Bextra, and other Xcetera). Interestingly enough, while the DEA has the power to declare pretty much any substances illegal, people all over the world are using “alternative” medicines with, allegedly, some degree of success. ... Read More »

Pot, Scalia and the 28th amendment…

Judicial activism has been a popular cause amongst both republicans and democrats over the last few years. The expansion of federal powers to the detriment of state rights is a familiar lament of conservatives. At the same time, democrats huff and puff that a takeover of the Supreme Court by the “right” is certain to lead to a rapid deterioration ... Read More »

Winning (not the Jack Welch Way!)

Amazing! Like the eponymous race, it seems America loves a cheat better than it likes a treat (unless accompanied by a trick, of course)! As all kids are told from the moment they step to the plate to try to compensate for the failure of their father(s) to make it to the Big Leagues, what matters is to win. Even ... Read More »

Trivial Pursuit®

Paraphernalia was amazed to realize how popular Trivial Pursuit® remains, even after all these years. Once an avid player, paraphernalia somehow got distracted, and went on a binge of school, travel and work fuelled by all kind of memory altering devices. Having learned a lot (and forgotten even more!), it is nice to see that the game is as good ... Read More »

Casual Criminals: Twisted Logic of the Drug Warriors

We are all familiar by now with the stereotypical image of the drug addict, that wretched creature forever enslaved to some chemical or another, and forced to deal, steal or kill to feed the unshakable monkey off his back. However, the addict can at least satisfy himself with the knowledge that he is suffering from a disease, albeit a criminal ... Read More »