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Writer, Daddy Blogger & eBook Author. ATA TKD & Warrior Krav Maga Instructor. Jewish Rapper similar to Kosha Dillz & Matisyahu. Album coming... DOX v BRIM: The Good Father.

Book Review: ‘The Sword Of David’ by Donald J. McCarthy Jr.


An excellent table top book covers the history, progress and development of the Israeli Air and Space Force. Read More »

DVD Review: Shalom Sesame Chanukah: The Missing Menorah!

Tired of all the promotion of Christmas here's a look at Chanukah for you and your children. Read More »

What Does The Arab Re-Awakening Mean For Middle East Interests?

With the Middle East experiencing social upheaval and revolution what does that mean for our interests? Read More »

In the Season of Passover and Easter, What Can We Learn from the Lesser-Known Christian Passover?

Passover and Easter are not-so-distant relatives. Read More »