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The Mighty Johns

I thought this would be a good idea. Crime/mystery fiction mixed with the seedy world of football is almost like a match made in heaven. Unlike the bittersweet sentiment surrounding baseball, football is crass and commerical and in love with itself. Oh, wait. The book sucks. Actually, not all of it sucks. Just the centerpiece, a turgid piece of horseswill ... Read More »

Birds Of Lame

I do not get The WB. And I swear to God this isn’t comic geek talking. Last year was Smallville, now there’s Birds of Prey. Supposedly, these are the adventures of the grown-up offspring of Batman and Catwoman (how she has “superpowers'”, I do not know). Also, there is Oracle – the former (now paralyzed) Batgirl and Dinah – a ... Read More »

Big Trouble

I wanted to like Big Trouble. I really, really did. It’s based on a Dave Barry novel I enjoyed – and even if it borrowed a bit too much from the Carl Hiassen style of a “caper”, it was a fun little ride. Mostly for the way-too accurate way in which it depicted the quirks of Southern Florida. When I ... Read More »

Big Trouble

Always been a big Dave Barry fan, and his tone translates well to fiction. Being an ex-Floridian myself, Dave captures the mood and atmosphere of South Florida to a tee. Everything he says is the awful truth, and it makes the book more enjoyable with that authenticity. My only gripe would be the “madcap” nature of the final few chapters, ... Read More »

My Opponent Hates You

Come November it will be election time and that means that politicians will be engaged in thoughtful, intelligent debate where they talk about the issues that are important to YOU. And if you can believe that, I’ve got a bridge in Cleveland to sell you (I sold the one in New York last week). Politicians and aspiring politicians are carpet-bombing ... Read More »


Spider-Man is the best superhero movie of the past 20 years. It’s closest relative in the success of translating both the immense scale and intimate characterizations of the character is 1978’s Superman. When Superman was released, Christopher Reeve was an unknown who took that blank slate and brought Superman to life, his Clark Kent was a bumbling and stumbling fool ... Read More »

Adios Muchachos

Daniel Chavarria’s Adios Muchachos is a fun little book exploring the world of prostitutes, unseemly businessmen and death in post-revolutionary Cuba. Uruguayan Daniel Chavarria seems mostly known for more literary work, but according to the bio on the inside flap he is said to have two passions: “classical literature and whores”. Well, it shows. Chavarria’s main protagonist is Alicia, a ... Read More »