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A graduate of the Lowell Institute of MIT, Oliver A. Masciarotte has spent over 30 years immersed in entertainment tech, working with top companies & clients on marketing, production and product development…More at www.seneschal.net/about/

High Resolution Audio – Free Lossless Test Signals Download

Frequency versus amplitude plot of a section of the 20 Hz pulse

So, there's a variety of signals that should come in handy for your explorations as well as mine. I hope you find these useful. Read More »

Happy HoliDACs

A survey of 54 mid–priced external DACs to use with your computer and hi–fi system. Read More »

Product Review: Soundmatters foxLv2 Hi-Fi Bluetooth Speaker

foxLv2 Bluetooth is a small but hefty powered stereo speaker with Bluetooth. Fits in your pocket, sounds total amazing! Read More »

RedMere to Announce Single Cable HDMI Solution for Apple Products

RedMere, pioneer in smart active cable technology for HDMI, will announce Monday a new, single–cable solution for mirroring the iPad 2 and iPhone 4’s display to an HDTV. Read More »

Product Review: Dane-Elec myDitto NAS

A Review of Dane-Elec’s myDitto NAS for home and small office/home office use. Read More »

Thoughts on TEDxPresidio 2011

Some thoughts on TEDxPresidio, the first Presidio version of the ever-expanding family of TEDx independent events. Read More »

Hardware Review: Tetrax Handheld Electronics Mounting System

A review of a strong removable mount that will hold your mobile or handheld device without using the windshield. Read More »

MacWorld Expo Gadgetfest 2011

A quick look at vendors and items of interest at MacWorld Expo 2011 Read More »

Hardware Review: Blue Microphones’ Mikey 2G

A review of Blue Microphones’ Mikey 2G stereo microphone for iPods. Read More »

Product Review: Sennheiser’s IE 7 and Klipsch’s X10i in–ear phones

Stick it in your ear: two paths to a righteous earphone. Read More »