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Responsibility — Teaching Children About Proper Pet Care

It was a common occurrence at the shelter: people turning in animals because their children were not caring for them. Most of the time the animals were in fairly good shape, but sometimes they were emaciated to the point where we would make sure to get all the surrenderer’s information, in case it was a cruelty case. (Usually not since ... Read More »

Allow Me to Clear Up Something For You: Yes, You’re Lame!

Hey kid. You! Standing there was the other kids. Yeah, I know you’re a teen — maybe 16 or 17 –and don’t think you’re a kid, but go with it. You’re wondering who this lame-assed woman is who’s talking to you. The thing is: I know you are, but what am I? That is to say, I’m here to say ... Read More »

The Face of The Enemy…Why I Avoid Political Discussions.

I don’t talk about politics that much ’cause no good would come of it. Either it would cause fights or I would have to debate some intolerant jackass who I’ll picture flushed and with eyes bulging out…on the brink of a heart attack. I’m not saying the “other side” is filled with intolerant jackasses. No, all sides are filled with ... Read More »

When Lemons and Practical Jokes Go Bad…Trust in The Blogosphere.

Trust: How Often Should Bloggers Forgive and Forget? Read More »

Home (Ely, MN)

Ely Minnesota and Why I Love It. (Yah, I know it gets cold there! Ubetcha.) Read More »

Going Greek. (Yogurt!)

Honey, Honey....Oh Yogurt, Yogurt...You Are The Best Dessert, and You've Got Me Wanting You! Read More »

Adventures of a Slayer-Wanna-Be.

Every girl who could have the power… will have the power… can stand up, will stand up. Slayers… every one of us. Make your choice. Are you ready to be strong? Chosen, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Season 7. The first time my husband caught be watching Buffy, I was embarrassed. How cheesy. The second time I was defensive. The third ... Read More »

Tattoo (A Love Story)

In the words of the philosopher, Dalton, in Roadhouse...Pain Don't Hurt. Read More »

Mother-In-Law / Daughter-Out-Law.

You're not good enough for my son, Dear...pass the green beans. Read More »

To The Pain … Girlhood in America

It's Kindergarten and the Battle has Commenced. Does your little girl have her camouflage lunch box yet? Read More »