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Catching Bad Guys – No Hollywood Types Need Apply: An Interview with A U.S. Marshal

As the chief deputy U.S. marshal explained to the interviewer, real-world fugitive apprehension has nothing in common with the movies. Read More »

Knoxville Horror: Trial Dates Set; MSM “Discovers” Case; Bloggers Continue Spreading Rumors

While the MSM and bloggers engage in dueling misrepresentations of the Knoxville Horror, the wheels of justice slowly turn. Read More »

What Does Mike Francesa Have Against Willie Randolph?

On March 4 on his New York TV sports talk show, Mike’d Up on NBC’s New York affiliate, Mike Francesa snubbed New York Mets skipper, Willie Randolph. Read More »

25 Years After John Belushi’s Death, His Cult Lives On

Sometimes dying young can be the best career move of all. Read More »

The Death of a President

Forty-three years after JFK’s assassination, the crime has begun to fade, yet most Kennedy myths live on, stronger than ever. Read More »

Election: GOP’s 50-Year Reich Collapses

Bush and Rove assumed that their base (aka "the suckers") had no choice but to vote GOP. They were mistaken. Read More »

Terrell Owens: Just Selfish, Or Bipolar?

Mania and Terrell Owens have never been strangers; however, a suicide attempt puts his mania in a new light. Read More »

Seven at New Orleans Times-Picayune Win Duranty-Blair Prize

Did the New Orleans Times-Picayune win a Pulitzer Prize for a journalistic hoax? It sure looks that way. Read More »

The Tears of Pedro Martinez

Condemned as too small and frail to be a big league starter, Pedro Martinez has been defying nature ever since. Read More »

9/11 Blues

In remembering 9/11, we must not forget the heroes... or the heels. Read More »