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Break the Chain of Lies

We must choose to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth or we will be bound by chains and buried forever. Read More »

Righteous Anger

What is righteous anger? Does God get angry? Read More »

The Dark of Legalism

Legalism places the fear of man within us and we become people pleasers. Read More »

The Dark of Suffering

Pain is a process. Anyone who has ever experienced some form of loss knows that the pain involved can be unbearable. Read More »


Where did my faith go? Did I lose it? Was it completely gone? Read More »

Spiritual Abuse: When Trust is Violated

When a follower questions a spiritual leader, sometimes the leader turns the tables out of pride. Read More »

Thou Shalt Not: A Christian’s Struggle with the Ten Commandments

I realized that Satan could use anyone to whisper lies into my heart. Read More »