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Are Bank Branch Closures Helping or Hurting Americans?

For better or worse, financial institutions are adjusting to the changing landscape of banking. Read More »

Is a Travel Agent Worth It?

Believe it or not, travel agents remain relevant even in today's world of online booking and free travel guide databases. Read More »

Tips for Cheaper, Safer Airport Parking

Airport parking is a pain. It can be exorbitantly expensive, infuriatingly hectic and unnecessarily confusing. Read More »

Record Drought: How to Save Money on Groceries in the Face of Rising Prices

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Sears’ Summer Cyber Monday: Not Worth the Name

Sears' Summer Cyber Monday Now sale features little of the quality we'd expect from Cyber Monday deals Read More »

Bank Transfer Day Spells Opportunity for Change

Outrage over high banking fees is driving many consumers to switch to credit unions. Read More »

Visa Picks Favorites with New Prepaid Debit Rates

Visa's new pricing system for retailers seems to level the playing field, but in reality slams both small businesses and gas stations. Read More »

Corporate Tax Dodging: the American Way

A new study finds that of the top 100 highest earning companies of 2010, 25 percent paid their CEOs more than they paid in taxes. Read More »

HSBC-Capital One Deal Makes a Deal

Capital One recently purchased HSBC's American portfolio, largely consisting of subprime loans. What does this mean for current HSBC customers? Read More »