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DVD Review: From Here To Eternity

It's as if Oprah wrote a war movie. Read More »

DVD Review: Batman Begins

Proof that even superheroes hate to go to work everyday. Read More »

Movie Review – Voices of Iraq (2004)

A fascinating look at the story the mainstream media can’t seem to see. Read More »

DVD Review: Saints & Soldiers

Impressive on all fronts. Proof that a small budget doesn’t mean a small movie. Read More »

Movie Review: Bobby Jones – A Stroke of Genius

The Bobby Jones movie: a stroke of mediocrity. Read More »

Review – Blade: Trinity

This is two hours of goofy make-up and overacting – no, I’m not talking about Desperate Housewives. Read More »

Review: Black Hawk Down

This is not a great film. It is a great series of small scenes. Read More »

Review: For The Love of The Game

Kevin Costner plays a man looking to relive the successes of yesterday. He didn’t have to stretch for this role. Read More »

Review – 3: The Dale Earnhardt Story

This could have been great if it was longer – how often will you hear that about a movie? Read More »

Review: Hostage

Almost as good as it should have been. Read More »