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science versus religion

Science deals with facts and theories, religion with meaning and values, according to Stephen Jay Gould. Well, spirituality is perhaps a better term than religion, because religion does claim to deal with facts. Most scientists, like Gould, separate science and religion, God and nature. However some, like Ursula Goodenough, seek to blur the distinctions with religious naturalism. Says Goodenough: "Humans ... Read More »


Depending on your source of information, God is: the creator of all; ruler of the universe; source of moral authority; the supreme being; with human characteristics; beyond human characteristics; all-loving; judgmental; all-knowing; all-powerful; present everywhere at all times; male; female; without gender; outside of time and space; and more. The concept of God has changed over the ages. Scientists offer ... Read More »


Religion is as old as humankind. With the dawn of language came the perennial questions: Who am I? Why am I here? What is death? Thus, religion was born, describing a supernatural world beyond our ordinary senses. Religion usually involves belief in a personal God or gods. Religious dogma — principles laid down by an authority — are taken by ... Read More »