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Yo La Tengo Returns for Summer

Despite an ever-diversifying body of work, Hoboken trio Yo La Tengo have in the past six years (and three full-lengths) crafted increasingly cohesive albums, the latest characterized by nuanced arrangements and poignant, personal lyrics. Read More »

Fontanelle: Style Drift

Fontanelle makes music by seance, gathering around a drum set and channeling the spirit of Sun Ra through an Atari console… Ornette Coleman might have made this record, if he had played the laptop, or Herbie Hancock if he had stayed the instrumental course in the '70s. Read More »

Brokeback: Looks at the Bird

Douglas McCombs’s third CD under the Brokeback moniker displays more (conventional) song structure than its precursors, yet retains an airy, almost lazy feel. Again, McCombs’s Fender six-string bass is prominent and the contributing musicians amount to a veritable who’s who of the Soma/Chicago sound: multi-instrumentalist/producer John McEntire of Tortoise (McCombs’s musical alma mater); bassist Noel Kupersmith, drummer Chad Taylor, and ... Read More »

Hem, Rabbit Songs

That Messé and company have an ear for C & W nuance is apparent at the first strain of pedal steel, which intertwines gracefully with violin beneath Ellyson's tender-voiced delivery Read More »