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msds binders

MSDS Binders stands for Material Safety Data Sheet Binders and they are an important part of any manufacturing process because they allow workers to be protected from potentially hazardous chemicals. The Binders originally came around as a requirement by OSHA and various labor groups in an effort to protect workers. When a hazardous chemical is used in manufacturing, these binders ... Read More »

fathers day

Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday in June and is typically the holiday that kids come together to celebrate their dads for raising them. In the blog world Father’s day is usually discussed in reference to Father’s Day gifts since no one really knows what to get their dads. Gift discussion usually ranges from things like DIY clocks ... Read More »

mothers day

Mother‘s Day is the second Sunday in May when children come together to celebrate and give thanks to moms for putting up with them and raising them for their entire lives. The day usually consists of doting and present giving to said mother. The two things most discussed for Mother's Day are the cards and presents given to Mom. Depending ... Read More »


Germany is a country that is part of the European Union and is often associated with excellent engineering, amazing social services, beer and sausages. Germany also has a rough history. The country was the starting point of two major wars (World War One and World War Two) and was responsible for such atrocities as the Holocaust against the Jewish people. ... Read More »

happy birthday

Birthdays are the once yearly celebration of a person’s birth. The salutation, “Happy birthday!” is often given to said person on his or her birthday. Typically birthdays are celebrated with presents that vary with the age and sex of the birthday person and of course the birthday card. Typically birthday cards are funny or cute as shown by cardsFTW Birthday ... Read More »


Nike, the company with the timeless “just do it,” slogan, is a business that started out making running shoes in Oregon and is now one of the largest sports, shoe and fashion leaders in the world. They are still famous for their shoes, apparel and high priced sport celebrity endorsements. Nike could be credited with the birth of the fashion ... Read More »


There are many different types of cards that span many different types of uses. Cards could mean business cards, computer storage cards, or even credit cards. When people talk about cards like these they often talk about prices for business cards or which of the cards are the best for consumers in terms of services and APR, as discussed on ... Read More »

st patricks day

St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday celebrated around the world with drinking, partying and great parades in honor of the catholic Saint Patrick of Ireland. One city (Chicago) even dyes its river green in honor of its history and Irish heritage. The Days events all center around the parade to celebrate the Irish. Most parade location and venues happen in ... Read More »


There are two types of cheating in the world: cheating in life and cheating on your wife. Cheating on your spouse is also known by the name infidelity and is the common cause of divorce is many countries. There are many websites that are devoted to helping people catch their cheating spouses or consoling people after being cheated on. Cheating ... Read More »

cheap wine

Cheap wine, also sometimes called table wine, is wine that is fun to drink without the price tag. Cheap wine used to be hard to come by, but thanks to the popularity of wine around the world, cheap wine is not only good it’s cheap. There are loads of great websites like Cheap Wine Finder and Wine Spies that teach ... Read More »