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Author Archives: Mysterious Reviews

Book Review: Acts of Violets by Kate Collins

Harmless reading and mildly entertaining but there are better choices in this genre. Read More »

Book Review: Ladykiller by Lawrence Light and Meredith Anthony

The ending will have the reader thumbing back through the pages to see how they missed anticipating what happens. Read More »

Book Review: Hades by Russell Andrews

As an action-adventure thriller, Hades works, and works well. As a novel of suspense, it falls short. Read More »

Book Review: Death Pans Out by Ashna Graves

A quiet, absorbing mystery that complements the engaging characters and a decidedly chilling plot. Read More »

Book Review: Murder… Suicide… Whatever… by Gwen Freeman

There's often a fine line between the reasonable and the ridiculous. Murder... Suicide... Whatever... falls into the latter category. Read More »

Book Review: Christine Falls by Benjamin Black

A stylish, atmospheric thriller that is both beautifully written and solidly plotted. Read More »

Book Review: The Dollmaker by Amanda Stevens

A terrifying thriller that works equally well as an investigative detective story. Read More »

Book Review: Amen Corner by Rick Shefchik

Shefchik takes a Columbo-like approach to his story yet this in no way lessens the appeal of the mystery. Read More »

Book Review: No Safe Place by JoAnn Ross

Fans of the author's previous novels will forgive lapses in editing, plot, and character development; new readers may not. Read More »

Book Review: Final Paradox by Mary E. Martin

One doesn't so much read Final Paradox as be drawn into it... Read More »