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Author Archives: My London Your London

Concert Review: Silent Disco Live Featuring Supergrass, Concorde 2, Brighton, October 25

Lead singer Gaz, all beautiful teeth and tash, gave a vintage performance despite confessing to being "very, very drunk". Read More »

Theater Preview: Reader, a play by Ariel Dorfman hosted by Amnesty International

A politically charged but personal play about what happens to a society when it suppresses important truths in the name of higher ideals. Read More »

Theater Review: Under the Black Flag at Shakespeare’s Globe

More for the tourist than the serious theatre-goer, but it is a pleasant night out in wonderful surroundings. Read More »

Theater Review: Woyzeck at the Barbican

Get tickets for the hottest show in town if you still can! Read More »

Theater Review: This to This at the Southwark Theatre, South London

All the big decisions they thought they were making were being made for them by coincidence, chance, and habit. Read More »

Theater Review: Silverland at the Arcola

Eclectic characterisations neither develop beyond their initial obnoxiousness nor have sufficient depth of material to develop at all. Read More »

Theatre Review: Lie Back in Anger at the Union Theatre, South London

Ultimately Jimmy Porter's 21st-century female alter-ego commands not so much attention as irritation. Read More »

Theater Review: Trad at The Bush

A beautiful story about fathers and sons, cleverly written and packed with Mark Doherty’s dry sense of humour. Read More »

Theater Review: Gaudeamus or A Very Liberal Education, at the Arcola, Dalston

What if no one had the right to refuse any person's request for any sexual act? On a Vermont campus students make their own laws. Read More »

Theater Review: Animal Farm: A Fairy Story

It is not the fault of the ruling classes for wanting power, but rather that of the trusting classes, for allowing themselves to be oppressed. Read More »