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Born in Birmingham, England, U.K., I began working in journalism a month before the 1973 Yom Kippur War began. I emigrated from Manchester to Israel in March 2010 and live in Karmiel, Galilee where I concentrate on creative writing, running several blogs and composing micro-fiction. I feature in Smith Magazine’s Six Word Memoirs On Jewish Life and contribute to Technorati, Blogcritics and Live Encounters magazine.

Book Review: The Finkler Question by Howard Jacobson

The moment echoed not only because I now live in Israel but because I used the same phrase some months ago of one of Jacobson’s best known non-Jewish colleagues. Read More »

Nice Restaurant – Shame about the Food!

The celebrated chocolate desserts looked enchanting and were big enough for two to share. Read More »

Book Review: The Treasure of God’s Word: Celebrating 400 Years of the King James Bible by Jack Countryman

The English literary scholar, Sir Arthur Quiller Couch described the King James Version as “the very greatest” literary achievement in the English language. Read More »

Movie Review: Porcelain Unicorn

The mythical unicorn is an apt Holocaust motif as a symbol of endurance, perseverance and wisdom Read More »

Movie Review: London River

London River attempts to portray the multi-cultural ‘river’ of humanity which flows constantly through England’s capital city. Read More »

Book Review: A Rose For Reuben by Robert Rietti

Some stories are so fantastical as to strain credibility to breaking-point. Read More »

Movie Review: The Fascist In Me and Orson Welles

Christian McKay has turned himself inside out to become so "Welles" that I fairly shivered watching the screen. Read More »

The Toast of Birmingham

The stones bore so many names, so many lives of which I’m barely aware. Read More »

Bright Star Falls To Earth

Campion has behaved like a lovelorn adolescent over her own creation. Read More »

Lynn Barber’s An Education: Out Of Eden In London and Manchester

Like many driven, excessively gifted people, Barber's also highly sexed. Read More »