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Movie Review: Flags of Our Fathers

A thoughtful, brutal, meditation on heroism and all its attendant problems and inconsistencies from famed director Clint Eastwood. Read More »

Music Review: Continuum – John Mayer

When Continuum succeeds, it does so spectacularly, enough to make it among the best albums released this year. Read More »

Movie Review: The Last Kiss

Impossible to recommend, but there is plenty of uncharted territory in The Last Kiss for intrepid cinephiles to savor. Read More »

Concert Review: John Mayer and Sheryl Crow, Philadelphia

Would I risk hearing loss and face overpriced concessions for naught? Read More »

Movie Review: Network

A superbly constructed, uncomfortably realistic satire of the television industry. Read More »

Movie Review: Snakes on a Plane

It's crude. It's gory. It gleefully travels well beyond traditional standards of decency. But it's also... quite a lot of fun. Read More »

Movie Review: Little Miss Sunshine

Faster than you can say "what an excuse for family bonding through heartwarmingly ridiculous episodic encounters with perfect strangers!" -- the film is off and running. Read More »

Disproportionate Response?

The severity of the US response to yesterday's announcement of a foiled terrorist plot begs the question of what, exactly, demands this extreme level of alertness. Read More »

DVD Review: Two Against Nature

This disc offers much of the fun of a Steely Dan concert experience, but with superior sonics and intimacy. Read More »

TimesSelect: Give It a Break

The inauspicious debut of the New York Times' TimesSelect program left many fuming. But things have changed. Read More »