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Survey Shows What Luxury Buyers Look For In a Luxury Home

Luxury home buyers pay more for their homes, but they also desire more, according to this survey. Read More »

Martha Stewart’s Farmhouse Up For Sale

Customized and restored as only Stewart could have done, Martha's moving on from this Conneticut estate. Read More »

Jenna Jameson Gets Leg Up On Britney Spears’ Internet Search Staying Power

Some may have always wanted to see this: Jenna Jameson on top of Britney Spears. Read More »

Home Sales Declined In April, Prices Higher Due To Inflation

Prices for single-family homes rose in Florida and nationally, even with lower sales numbers. Read More »

Technorati Connects Bloggers With More Than 440 Newspapers Via AP Partnership

Technorati and AP take comments and news one step further to benefit the blogosphere, and society. Read More »

Builder Gets Special ‘Thank You’ From Mansion’s New Owners

Builder Jerry Glaser earned his $50,000 thank you note fair and square, with some help from Oprah's contractor, of course. Read More »

International Buyers Flock To Florida Real Estate

Dollar devaluation has made Florida real estate prices a bargain in comparison to other areas around the world. Read More »

Yahoo! Program To Court Home Buyers and Sellers

Yahoo! could make sign-calls a thing of the past with its new program. Read More »

Trump’s Daughter, Apprentice Winner To Reveal Secrets To Attaining, Growing Wealth

Being born wealthy or marrying rich aren't on the conference's agenda. Read More »

Blog Review: The Bastards of the Blogs

Who is the biggest Bastard of them all? Read More »