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President Barack Buchanan?

He was elected to heal a rancorous partisan division, run a Democratic Congress, and show that "well intentioned" men can fix the problems of this country. Hail Barack Buchanan! Read More »

Barack Obama, Warlord

Didn't think that Winston Churchill and Barack Obama had anything in common? Well, you'd be wrong there. Read More »

A Bridge Too Slow

Groupthink served Obama well on the campaign trail, but it could prove to be his Achilles heel when it comes to governing. Read More »

Getting Smoked

Obama smokes up his own supporters for the first tax hike. Read More »

Investment — This Word Must Die

Some words have reached their useful end and must be dispatched. Read More »

The More Times Change…

Mr Dock Ellis sees parallels between the current economic state of the USA and the Great Depression of the 1930s Read More »

Look No Further

The growing credibilty gap for the Obama Administration and the first step to fix it. Read More »

The Education of Hope

The education of hope shows us just another cynical ploy for the daily news cycle. Read More »

Pitching Ideas to the President

A look at ideas, the internet and giving ideas to the new president Read More »

Holy Jettisoning Jewelry!! A Madoff Sequel

Is this really justice for Bernard Madoff? Read More »