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Gold, the Dollar and Obama

Is there a relation between gold, the dollar, and Mr. Hope and Change? Read More »

Embrace the Powell Doctrine

The dithering on sending reinforcements to Afghanistan may end soon, but Obama must make a commitment to victory, not just more occupation. Read More »

Can a PC Nation Defend Itself?

The United States has a huge blind spot in the war on terror: political correctness. Is it fatal? Read More »

Of Children and Politics

Use of children for political propaganda has been reinvented by the current president with ominous consequences. Read More »

Dithering at the Fork

Barack Obama has a big choice coming up: whether to payoff Iran or use force. Read More »

A Fear of Our Own

A president takes a big risk when he demeans those who protect this country and enforce its' laws. Read More »

Dems Fighting Words

Attack words from the playbook of the Democrats during the health care debate. Read More »

Here’s My Vote, Mr President — Take It

If you do one thing Mr. President, my vote is yours and it won't add a penny to the deficit! Read More »

Iran, The Magic Key, and the Samson Option

Iran, not Israel, holds the "magic key" to avoiding the Samson Option and nuclear war in the Middle East. Read More »

Better Hold Off on That Vacation, Mr. President

A rather cheeky look at the events of the summer to come. Read More »