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The Perverse Ganglia of Human Complication

You'd like say “well, I wasn’t interested in you in that way” and not have it sound like sour grapes Read More »

Rosa Parks and Fate

Some have claimed that Park's refusal was premeditated and dictated by civil rights strategists. Read More »

Concert Review: World Saxophone Quartet Plays Hendrix, 10/20

Even the tickets that were still available on the web despite “sold out” status for the 7:30pm show were gone. Read More »

La Dolce Vita

Conscious evolution is a very personal thing, embracing the tension between indestructible spirit and the death of ego Read More »

The Abracadabra of Silence

“There’s no illness at all, I simply got into a magic circle that I can’t get out of. It makes no difference to me. I’m ready for everything. I got into a magic circle. Now everything, even the genuine sympathy of my friends, leads to one thing—my perdition. I’m perishing and I have enough courage to realize it.” “You’ll get ... Read More »

Waterworld: What’ll Go Down the Drain?

She said, “I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a race war.” Read More »


Fog can be beautiful, but when it descends like a vulture and just sits there, I start feeling claustrophobic. Read More »

That Which By Any Other Name

When "Genghis Khan" is a euphemism for "slave to fashion." Read More »

Living My Life Like It’s Golden, Pt. III: My Inner Baby

Once Somé appeared on the scene, it was time to get down to brass tacks. Read More »

Living My Life Like It’s Golden, Pt. II: Sacred Ritual

In the indigenous world, ritual based on the magic of Nature plays an essential role in village life. Read More »