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Five Benefits of Balance Transfer Credit Cards

Aside from saving you money, balance transfers can actually even make you money nowadays. Read More »

Yet Another Reason to Have a Good Credit Score: Car Insurance Rates

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Very Few Actually Have a Perfect Credit Score

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Credit Report Errors Not So Common

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How to Ditch Tax Debt Without Breaking the Bank

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Average Credit Score for Mortgages Now Much Higher

improved credit scores point to tighter underwriting guidelines, which should mean fewer missed payments and foreclosures in the future. Read More »

Credit Card Issuers Will No Longer Rely On Household Income

Know the Impact Read More »

Average Consumer Owed $4,200 On Credit Cards at Year End

Credit card debt levels have barely dropped over the past few years. Read More »

Coming to a Lender Near You: 20% Down Mortgages

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Do You Need to Inventory Your Home’s Contents?

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