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Particles of Truth

My favorite indie film of recent fests opens in theaters September 17, 2004 at the Village East 12th St. and 2nd Ave, NYC. Particles of Truth is Jennifer Elster‘s first film, and she’s an amazing triple threat. Directing, writing and starring in a film would be enough for most people. Elster takes it a step farther by kicking ass in ... Read More »

U.S. Senate- Where Dinosaurs go to die.
Observations on the Debates about Gay Marriage

I've been watching today's Senate proceedings and found myself very mindful of how this episode will play out in the history of our country. I know now, definitively, how the activists in the Abolitionist Movement must have felt as the proponents of slavery roared and blustered in trying to justify their crimes against humanity. Like a dinosaur flailing as it sinks finally into the bog, Rick Santorum and his cohorts have made monkeys of us all today. Read More »

Women are People, too: Laci’s Choice

  As much of the country has, I’ve been watching the Laci Peterson case unfold on the news channels. It’s a heartbreaking story – a beautiful young woman, perfectly in bloom with her first child, living what seemed to be a perfect life. Until someone ended it, that is. I’m not going to speculate here about who killed her – ... Read More »