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Persecution of the Ahmedi Religious Minority in Pakistan

Extremists as well as ordinary Pakistanis become angry when anyone voices support for the persecuted Ahmedi sect. Read More »

Iraq Study Group Report: The Way Forward or A Cover-Up?

This report is a "clever" move by Bush and Baker to provide cover for the the U.S. administration's war in Iraq. Read More »

Available options for U.S. policy in Iraq

The US needs to learn to talk, listen, and engage more and condemn less. Read More »

Iran: Thy Friendship Oft Has Made My Heart To Ache

Palestinians can see for themselves who are their friends. Read More »

Are Hezbollah’s Demands Justified?

Sunnis and Christians should share power with Hezbollah to end the crisis in Lebanon. Read More »

Darfur, Sudan: American Avarice, Arab Folly

U.S. officials call the situation in Darfur "genocide." Do they have an ulterior motive? Read More »

Stop Israel From Committing the Blunder

Do Israeli leaders realize the repercussions of an attack on Iranian installations? This military action will prove to be a disaster. Read More »

Let the Punishment Be Equal to the Offence

Gazans got a golden opportunity to improve their condition in the fall of 2005, when Prime Minister Sharon made a bold decision to pull out from Gaza. Read More »

Is There Any Need For A Technocracy in Palestine?

A good leader tries to achieve consensus on sensitive issues. But it looks like President Abbas does not believe in consensus politics. Read More »

Shia Crescent – Fact or Fiction

Islam must learn how to treat the Shias fairly, as Saudi Arabia seems to be doing, in order to reduce the tension in the Middle East. Read More »