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“The Passion” – A Review for Jews

I went to see “The Passion” tonight, and I would like point out a few things to those of you considering seeing it. First, on an entertainment level, it isn’t much of a movie in the traditional sense, so if you’re looking for entertainment skip it, this movie is downright painful for anyone not looking for an affirmation of their ... Read More »

Civilization and its Enemies

I recommended Lee Harris’ new book Civilization and it’s Enemies a couple of weeks ago I didn’t really have the time to give it a full review then, and I was sure if I waited long enough someone would do the job for me. David Warren : Mr. Harris whose essay on “Al Qaeda’s Fantasy Ideology“, two summers ago, gave ... Read More »

‘The Reigning Philosopher of 9/11’

In August of 2002 Lee Harris wrote an essay, Al Qaeda’s Fantasy Ideology, that was the most astonishing thing I had read about 9/11 (and I’ve been unable to shut up about it since then). It wasn’t that he had any new facts to add, or any revealing new summation of data that I, or the writers I had been ... Read More »

The Return of the King – Get an Editor!

I just returned from seeing the latest installment of the Lord of the Rings, and I have to say I just hated the hell out of it. It’s not that I’m not a fan, I am. I’ve seen the first two, and loved the books as a teenager but this one was just way, way, too long. Peter Jackson decided ... Read More »

An Unheeded Warning

Opinion Journal has a good excerpt from Richard Miniter’s new book, Losing Bin Laden: Bill Clinton’s Failures Unleashed Global Terror (see below). It’s worth a read (the excerpt, that is, I haven’t read the book yet). (cross-posted from Occam’s Toothbrush) Read More »

Doubts About an Ally

Bernard-Henri Levy writes of his doubts about our “ally” Pakistan. Levy is a fascinating character, a French celebrity/intellectual who is a self described Anti-Anti-American (yep, they do have a few of those over there), and recent author of Who Killed Daniel Pearl? which outlines his theory that Pearl was killed because he knew too much about the Pakistani government’s Islamist ... Read More »