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Sigaw: Asian Cinema’s Next Big Thing

If you’re a fan of Japanese and Korean horror movies, here’s something to look forward to. Filipino director Yam Laranas’s film Sigaw (internationally released as The Echo) has been drawing raves in Hollywood after producer Roy Lee watched the movie and confessed: “I found myself jumping at certain scenes and I have seen many other horror movies where that never ... Read More »

Manila’s Tipping Point

If the wiretap scandal had happened earlier, Filipinos would be in the streets by now demanding snap elections. But the fact that they are in the malls instead getting a bizarre satisfaction out of alien attack in War of the Worlds definitely means this wiretapping controversy has yet to "tip" or, according the influential book, The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell, become infectious enough to sweep the nation into another people power movement. Read More »

Will the real Van Gogh please rise?

We in the television media saw them coming --- kids of a new generation armed to teeth with mini-dvs, laptops that are foldable editing suites, celphones that take video, cameras that shoot like film, all of them coming at us in quick time, riding the trojan horse that is reality tv. Read More »