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A Scientific Dichotomy

Can no one else see it? The same day as scientists come out with a cervical cancer vaccine, the Nobel Peace Prize is given to the President of the International Atomic Energy Agency. So, let me see if I have this right. On the one hand we have scientists working as hard as they can to enrich the lives of ... Read More »

At last – the Truth about IQ tests!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the truth is out. Men are at least 5 percentage points better than women, particularly on the higher echelons of IQ tests. Finally, I can relax! Why? Because, now I don’t even need to prove myself…If this is the case, I am a good-for-nothing woman that really needs to stay at home and relax in bed, ... Read More »

George – Stay Away!

I have lived through Andrew and its aftermath. We didn’t have flooding but we lost power for over three weeks, and had limited food and water. Roads were impassable and we were completely cut off, no phone, no TV, no communication at all. What I wanted, at the time, was the power to come back on, I wanted food, and ... Read More »