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Five Great Album Closers

I'm sure everyone who reads this will disagree completely and chew me out. That's fine and that's fun. Go for it. Read More »

step out the front door like a ghost into the fog…

I remember sitting there blasting music out of my parked car, hearing the song in a whole different way... Read More »

Thrice – The Earth Will Shake

Am I overdoing it, or is this the biggest kick in the face you've had in weeks? Read More »

ZOX – The Wait

It's funny how a really great record can just shut me the hell up. Read More »

Bamboozle – or – podcasts from the wasteland home.

Before there ever was a Dashboard Confessional, there was Further Seems Forever, and it was good. Read More »

Scutigera Coleoptrata

To my utter amazement and disgust, a gigantic centipede crawled out of the drain, and sat there in the basin, waterlogged but alive. Read More »

DVD – The Great Kat – Extreme Guitar Shred DVD

About 3 seconds in, I paused it. I got up, walked away, finished my SpaghettiOs in silence, and lay down... Read More »

Review: Mama Scuba – You’re A Long Time Dead So What’s The Hurry?

About halfway through my listen I told a friend of mine that Mama Scuba might be what Clinic would sound like if Clinic didn't suck, then thought better of repeating that to anyone else. Read More »