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Building blog traffic helps

I’ve been having fun checking out the many blogger groups and sites aimed at increasing traffic and building the blog community. You can find those I added to this blog as icons on the bottom right hand column of my E-Journal. There are really some cool ideas being tried out there in the blogoshpere – not the least of which, ... Read More »

Priceline guy wants citizens to monitor homeland security by Web cams

Jay Walker, the guy who founded the Priceline online bargain site, has a new idea. He wants to set up Web cams around the nation’s 47,000 power plants, airports and other critical infrastructure facilities. Then everyday Americans, paid $10 an hour, would monitor the cameras and report suspicious activities to the government. He calls his idea USHomeGuard and envisions a ... Read More »

New blogging tools keep coming

The blogging craze shows no signs of slowing down, with more tools being made available each week that simplify the Web logging process. Bloki calls itself “a marriage between a word processor and a Web site” and offers both public and private access, along with lots of collaboration features. It’s free and can be set up in two minutes, making ... Read More »

iTunes Music Store selections limited?

Here we go again. Technology is like the proverbial horse out of the barn. Mac sites sharing music downloaded from the iTunes Music Store have the music industry in a tizzy. “It sounds as if it is a hole in the security that needs to be closed,” Cary Ramos, an attorney for the National Music Publishers Assn., said last week. ... Read More »

The fix is in by spammers

Is the fix in? Nobody ever expected much out of the purported indignation of Congressional sponsors of anti-spam measures but the bill that everybody thinks has the best chance of passing does more to protect bulk e-mailers than to control the junk that comes into our mailboxes. The solution to the spam mess will never be found in legislation. It’s ... Read More »

e-Government sites are pretty miserable

I did a column on how the potential for e-government is falling short. While the column dealt with my state, Michigan, I interviewed a guy named Charles Kaylor from the Public Sphere Information Group, the organization based in Newton, Mass., that helped evaluate Michigan’s local governmental sites for the study. He told me that most governmental sites are what Internet ... Read More »

Desktop video editing war stories

Television network correspondents gathered in Kuwait in preparation with for the looming war with Iraq are using desktop video in a big way. NBC correspondent Kerry Sanders is covering the war preparations from Kuwait City and is a big Mac/Apple user. DV camcorders used by the CBS videographers attach by FireWire to an Apple G4 that Sanders uses to edit ... Read More »