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Blood Lust

After Bush's election, the United States will inflict mass civilian casualties in Iraq. I predict full throated support for the carnage from the likes of Eric Olsen, Al Barger, Glenn Reynolds, and so on. Read More »

The Bush Tax Increase of 2005, II

After Bush's re-election, the country will be subject to a punishing round of tax increases. Read More »

Chavez Rocks!!!

Argentina. Brazil. India. And now Venezuela. Everywhere you look, the Left is on the march, winning election after election. Read More »


Now that George Bush has apologized for the Iraqi prisoner scandal, it's time to put the whole thing behind us and move on. Read More »


There are two types of terrorism: retail terrorism and state terrorism. Read More »

Canada Rocks!!!

Canada is what the United States could have been. Read More »

Al Qaeda Endorses Bush

This time, I'm not kidding. Read More »

Blood on YOUR Hands

Those who instigated the war in Iraq have the blood of Madrid on their hands. Read More »


There are three likely scenarios for the U.S. elections this fall. None of them involve John Kerry becoming President. Read More »

GOP: The Party of Protectionism

Why are Republicans so much more protectionist than Democrats? Read More »