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Free Speech On Blogs Is Toast

Providing favorable commentary or linkage to a candidate for office on your blog is now deemed a campaign contribution. Read More »

Candidate’s Diary Update

To blog or not to blog? Or, why candidates speak only in sound bites, and on message. Read More »

A Candidate’s Brief Diary

My first truly busy five-day stretch gave me insight into running a statewide campaign. Read More »

Military Quagmires

Lots of talk about military quagmires, and bringing troops home. Make sure not to conveniently forget old quagmires. Read More »

No Miracle On Ice

While the NHL falls on its' blade, the hockey world relives the Miracle on Ice. Read More »

Lamest Super Bowl Ever

I've watched many Super Bowl broadcasts over the years, and this one was easily the least entertaining. Read More »

The Glorious Acts of the Indiana Legislature

Forgive our representatives. Writing laws is what a Legislature does. If they don’t write enough, it can look like slacking. Read More »

Another Suit Makes the Case for Tort Reform

When something on the TV screen offends or annoys, you can still change the channel or turn the blasted thing off. Read More »

Jail For Crooked CEOs!

CEOs from Enron and Adelphia were held criminally liable for cooking books. Make sure to get them all. Read More »

Taxes and Self-Ownership

You own yourself. This means that you own the fruits of your body's labor and your mind's ingenuity. Read More »